Fuel Pump & Injector Testing

Breedon & Gell have a wide range of state of the art test stand equipment that enables us to test a very wide range of mechanical fuel pumps and injectors and common rail fuel pumps and injectors.

You can drop your units to be tested at our workshops in Darlington alternatively we also receive fuel pumps and injectors from worldwide locations to test/re-manufacture

Fuel pumps we are able to test include;

  • CAV DPA Fuel Pumps
  • CAV DPS Fuel Pumps
  • CAV DPC Fuel Pumps
  • BOSCH VE Fuel Pumps
  • BOSCH VA Fuel Pumps
  • DP200 Fuel Pumps
  • BOSCH CP1 Common Rail Fuel Pumps
  • BOSCH CP1 H3 Common Rail Fuel Pumps
  • BOSCH CP3 Common Rail Fuel Pumps
  • BOSCH CP4 Common Rail Fuel Pumps
  • DENSO Common Rail Fuel Pumps
  • SIEMENS Fuel Pumps
  • PES Fuel Pumps
  • 'P' Size Fuel Pumps
  • MINIMEC 90 6 Cylinder Fuel Pumps
  • MINIMEC 80 4 Cylinder Fuel Pumps
  • STANADYNE Fuel Pumps
  • HDK Fuel Pumps
  • Single Cylinder Pumps
  • BOSCH Lift Pumps
  • 3 + 4 ZEXEL Fuel Pumps

Injectors we are able to test include;

  • BOSCH Common Rail Injectors
  • DELPHI Standard Common Rail Injectors
  • DELPHI Commercial Common Rail Injectors
  • BOSCH Piezo Injectors
  • VDO Piezo Injectors
  • DENSO Common Rail Injectors
  • BOSCH Commercial Injectors
  • Single Stage Mechanical Injectors
  • Two Stage Mechanical Injectors
  • Small Pintle Injectors
  • STANADYNE Pencil Injectors